bio_image3DR Malone’s love for blues, grass roots and country have been part of his life since birth. Hearing his father playing in the old classics on his guitar late at night, or playing records by  people like Muddy Waters, Howling wolf, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, etc, printed in his memories amazing times and an eternal soundtrack.

“I can still hear those old records”, and even now they still sound amazing! DR Malone (AKA David Steve). Started his musical Journey, that for some weird reasons, went a bit too pop and “LA Rock”, at one stage. A journey that took him to places like the USA, Sweden, and the UK. “Nothing good came out that”, says David,  “But to me is part of soul searching and learning”.

It was when his father died only around 4 months ago, that Dave woke up not only with the bad news, the sadness and mourning, but also with something very special and very significant: his father left to him his precious(and only ones) possessions: “The old man treasured guitars”, and of course, the sudden realisation that Blues it was where his heart and soul are! David went to record in his home studio the material that is now “DR Malone”….I do it for love and fun, hope I can share this piece of my life with someone who happen to listen.